In December 2016, IoBM held its nineteenth Convocation. The Chief Guest was Prof. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, Chairman Higher Education Commission (HEC) and Guest of Honor was Mr. Jam Mehtab Hussain Dahar, Minister of Education. Keynote Speaker was Mr. Sirajuddin Aziz, President and CEO of Habib Metropolitan Bank.

IoBM awarded 954 Degrees as per the following:



BBA (Honors) 278
BE (Electrical) 12
BS (Actuarial Science and Risk Management) 9
BS (Computer Science) 16
BS (Honors) Accountancy, Management and Law 13
BS (Honors) Commerce 7
BS (Honors) Media Studies 17
BS (Industrial Engineering and Management) 9
BS (Joint Honors) 64
MBA (Advertising and Media Management) 17
MBA (Educational Management) 6
MBA (Environment and Energy Management) 4
MBA (Evening) 66
MBA (Executive) 79
MBA (Finance and Risk Management) 16
MBA (Health and Hospital Management) 32
MBA (Industrial Management) 35
MBA (Logistics and Supply Chain Management) 3
MBA (Media Management) 1
MBA (Regular) 244
MBA (Telecommunication Management) 3
MBA (Weekend) 5
MSC (Organizational Psychology and HRM) 6
M.Phil 8
MS (Computer Science) 1
MS (Mathematics & Scientific Computing) 1
PhD (Business Management) 1
PhD (Education) 1
Total 954

Gold Medals were awarded to the following students:


Kashmala Riaz
BBA (Honors)
S.H. Hashmi Memorial
Gold Medal


Huma Nasir
BBA (Honors)
Westbury Group of Companies
Gold Medal

Muhammad Ammad

Muhammad Ammad Afzal
BE (Electrical)
Iman Ali Kazi Memorial
Gold Medal

Basit Saleem

Basit Saleem
BS (Actuarial Science & Risk Mgmt.)
Halima Fatima Memorial
Gold Medal

Kiran Nadeem

Kiran Nadeem
BS (Computer Science)
Karachi Council on Foreign
Gold Medal

Merym Saudagar

Merym Saudagar
BS (Media Studies)
Orient McCann
Gold Medal

Marina Arif

Marina Arif
MBA (Regular)
Janmohammad Dawood
Gold Medal

Shezza Razzaque Khan

Shezza Razzaque Khan
MBA (Evenings)
Shan Foods
Gold Medal

Mohammad Noman Ovais

Mohammad Noman Ovais
MBA (Weekend)
Standard Chartered
Gold Medal

Muhammad Kashif

Muhammad Kashif Amin
MBA (Industrial Management)
Tabba Foundation
Gold Medal


Shahzad s/o Maher Ali
MBA (Health & Hospital Mgmt.)
Dr. Essa's Laboratory
Gold Medal