To be the leading business school, nationally and internationally, that is recognized for producing transformational and change leaders and managers.


Mission is to enable leadership and management for the development of economy and society through excellence in character, professionalism, education and research.

CBM’s commitment to its vision and mission can be seen from its strategic focus on international accreditation's, development of entrepreneurship for job creation, emphasis on leadership through social entrepreneurship, engagement with industry through experiential learning, mentoring of students by industry leaders, faculty development through impactful intellectual contributions, stimulation of critical thinking for creativity and innovation, and a lively and thriving culture of student activities.

Our commitment to innovation, engagement and impact can be seen through the rigor, research and relevance of our processes, faculty and the degree programs. Our faculty and students are leading through example and through them we would create an impact on economy and society that is a source of pride to their families, community, country and the planet.

Happenings at CBM

In collaboration with US Consulate and EMEC, IoBM

Dr. Andrew Scheuermann talks on Finance for Entrepreneurs The US Consulate General Karachi, in collaboration with the Entrepreneurship and Management Excellence Center (EMEC), Institute of Business Management (IoBM), organized a presentation by Dr…. Read More

Workshop on “Third Party Contract Employees”

IoBM’s Dr. Afaq Ahmed Kazi, Assistant Professor, Management and Human Resource Management Department conducted a workshop on “Third Party Contract Employees - Legal Position and Risk Mitigation” on Friday, May 5, 2017 at... Read More

Workshop on “Contract Labor Management”

IoBM’s Dr. Afaq Ahmed Kazi, Assistant Professor, Management and Human Resource Management Department conducted a workshop on “Contract Labor Management” on Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017 at the State Bank of Pakistan for Senior... Read More

Collaborative Mentoring Project

IoBM Communication and Languages Department exhibited the ‘Collaborative Mentoring Project’ by students of Business and Professional Speech (BPS) held amid the guidance of their faculty Ms. Shumaila Omar on Saturday, May 13, 2017... Read More

New Frontiers in Higher Education

Dr. Ghazanfar Bozai, Associate Professor, Management and HRM, IoBM conducted a workshop on “New Frontiers in Higher Education - Incorporating EQ in Academia” at the EMEC, IoBM on Thursday, May 8, 2017. It... Read More