The program has been designed to equip the participants with essential knowledge and skills to lead organizational change and development. MPhil in Educational Leadership and Management (ELM) will be of interest to those in education related settings who carry or aspire to reach senior and middle leadership and management positions. This program aims to integrate practical knowledge, theories, and state-ofthe-art research by providing an opportunity tothe participants to develop specialized research skills for professional investigation in the substantive areas of educational leadership and management.

Program Structure

The MPhil is a 1.5 to 4 year program and has 30 credit hours with 8 courses and one thesis (20000-25000 words) of 6 credit hours.

After successful completion of the course work, students are required to carry out research study for the thesis under the guidance of a research supervisor selected by the students and approved by the institute. The student must convert the research thesis into a publishable paper as part of the degree requirement.

An MPhil student must additionally complete the following requirements while at IoBM:

• MPhil Proposal/Synopsis Development
• MPhil Proposal/Synopsis Defense
• BASR Approval of MPhil Proposal/Synopsis
• Continuous Enrollment in Supervised Research
• Completion of MPhil Thesis
• Selection of External Evaluators and Examiner by BASR
• Open Defense of MPhil Thesis
• Final MPhil Thesis Submission to BASR
• Any other HEC Requirement

Course Structure

Core Courses
ELM616 Developing a Research Project
ELM613 Readings in Education
ELM607 Philosophical Foundations in Education
ELM601 Qualitative Research Methods in Education
ELM604 Statistical Testing and Inferences in Education
ELM610 Policies and Education in Pakistan

Elective Courses (Any Two Courses)
ELM730 Leading and Managing Educational Change
ELM733 Contemporary Issues in Educational Leadership
ELM736 Education Governance Policy and Practice
ELM739 Education Leadership Theories Principles and Practices
ELM742 Strategic Communication in Educational Leadership
ELM790 Research Thesis

It is mandatory for research students of MPhil and PhD program to attend at least 5 sessions of the Multi-disciplinary Research Seminar Series in each semester.